One on one with either the Personal Trainer or joining in with the members of the class. This safe environment is a way to have a great workout and learn a new skill. Pads and Gloves are provided. No experience is necessary.


A fantastic blend of Body weight and Functional training with the use of exercise equipment. This class is designed to burn calories and increase your heart rate, while building strength.

Core strength

Walk taller, feel stronger! This class is designed to build core muscle groups while improving posture through performing a variety of exercises that strengthen the abdomen and back muscles and increase flexibility.


High Intensity Interval Training. For those looking for some enjoyable atmosphere and most of all, results. Compound Exercises mixed with some great Core Strength.


Release is a yoga based stretch class aimed at releasing built up tension through your skeletal system.Particularly opening up hips and mobilising lower back. Perfect for those people sitting at a desk all day.

Strength for life

The COTA Strength for life program offers over 50's an opportunity to participate in supervised training sessions. Strength training has been shown to improve muscular strength, mobility and balance.


Under the guidance of a Personal Trainer you will be guided through a total body work out. Therabands are a very useful way to strength train if you have had any injuries or do not have a passion for Barbells or Dumbbells.

Body Strength

Build your strength with body weight! This class is designed to explore and expand different ways of building muscle without adding extra load to the body.

Booty Burner

Work on building your glutes in our Booty Burner class! This class is designed to focus purely on the posterior muscles using equipment such as kettlebells and resistance bands.


Functional class is a full body high intensity workout made to make you sweat and improve strength and endurance. It is structured to make you use your whole body using a variety of exercises from body weight to resistance. You will push and pull your way through multiple stations laid out in circuit style


Be balanced! In this class you will be guided through a range of exercise targeted at improving your balance, stability and co-ordination, perfect for reducing falls risk and feeling safer on your feet!